Residential Cleanup and Repair

Cleanup & Repair from General Pest Problems

Pests can cause a great deal of damage and it is always a good idea to repair openings after a rodent or animal infestation. Removing all traces of the infestation is the best way to insure that it will not recur.

Rodents, for example, return to previously infested areas because they are attracted to the smell left behind by their predecessors.  Simply closing off openings is not enough.  It is also necessary to thoroughly clean the infested area to remove the attraction.  If the cleanup portion of remediation efforts is not performed, then there is a risk that rats will simply chew new openings to gain access to the area.

Superior Pest Services is the professional pest management company that won’t leave you to pick up the aftermath of pest intrusion by yourself.  We’ll take care of any cleanup or repair that you need in order to return your home to pre-pest standards.

Our Carpentry Division can help by:

  • Fencing off open areas under decks
  • Capping chimneys
  • Trimming overgrown shrubs and tree branches
  • Installing pest barriers
  • And much more…

Did you know that it is believed rodents gnawing on electrical wires start up to 25% of fires of unknown origin?