Mosquito & Tick Frequently Asked Questions

Will the service program totally eliminate the mosquitoes and ticks on my property?

Because of the migratory nature of mosquitoes and ticks, it is impossible to prevent one from coming into your yard. However, ongoing adulticide treatments will help to stop mosquito and tick infestations from developing on your property and will reduce the number of mosquitoes and ticks you see.

Ideally, servicing all the problem areas in your yard — and your neighbor’s yard — would be the most effective way to reduce mosquito and tick populations, ultimately providing you and your family with protection to enjoy your outdoor activities.

How many services are required?

Mosquitoes and tick management usually requires several treatments spaced out at specific intervals due to their complicated life cycles:

Spray Applications (Recommended Frequency)

  • Mosquitoes every 3-4 weeks
  • Ticks every 8-10 weeks

Tick Box Control System (TCS)

  • 2x Per Year

Mosquitoes develop, mature and lay eggs in standing water whenever the the conditions are right, which is most often in the warmer months.

The life cycle of the deer tick comprises three growth stages: the larva, nymph and adult. It takes about two years for the tick to hatch from the egg, go through all three stages, reproduce, and then die. Humans are at the greatest risk of Lyme Disease and other co-infections in late spring and summer.

Are the products used recommended for use around people and pets?

The products we use can be applied around people and pets with confidence. With spray applications, once the application is complete and has dried, you and your family can continue to use your yard as you normally do.

TCS Tick Boxes are placed in a tamper resistant box and have no re-entry interval requirements.

If I’m getting a treatment, what steps do I need to take?

With Spray Applications:

  • Keep people and pets inside during treatment and until product has dried.
  • Close all first floor windows.
  • Eliminate stagnant and standing water from around your home.
  • Reduce or remove excess vegetation.
  • Keep lawns neat and short – approximately 3″ in height.
  • Do not mow your lawn 24 hours after the treatment.

TCS Tick Boxes do not require any special preparation steps.


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