Wildlife Management

Superior Pest Service Provides Wildlife Management for Pesky Pests

Problems with: Squirrels? Bats? Skunks? Raccoons? Chipmunks? Birds?

wildlife controlThat means a problem for your home or business. These are just a few of the many animals that can cause damage and trouble, and require specialized methods of animal management.

Superior Pest Service‚Äôs Animal Damage Control (ADC) licensed technicians bring the training and skills necessary to remove any pest. We also provide exclusion services to “build out” these types of pests to prevent future infestations.

To keep wildlife outside where they belong, Superior Pest Service can help by:

  • Fencing off open areas under decks
  • Capping chimneys
  • Trimming overgrown shrubs and tree branches
  • Installing pest barriers

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